Burn Care Foundation (a Unit of Nemcare Hospital)

Status of Burn Care

The Burn Unit

  • Five bedded unit with two bedded ICU.
  • Having trained personal, under the guidance of plastic surgeon.
  • Burn prevention programme.
  • Clinical research and publications.

A. 1) Modern, improved Burn Care

Use of new improved burn wound cover

a) For Partial thickness burns:

  • Collagen sheet
  • Silver ion dressing

b) For deep and infected burns:

  • Nano-crystaline silver dressing.

A. 2) For full thickness burns

i) Early Excision and Skin Grafting:
This most modern and advanced treatment has been introduced in the burn unit. So far more than 30 cases have undergone this method of treatment with good results. Hospital stay has been reduced, infection rate has come down and cosmetic result has been improved.

ii) Serious Burn Cases treated by new topical cream and delayed grafting:

A. 3) Rehabilitation of Burn Victims

3.a) Prevention of Scar and Contracture.

  • By Crepe bandage
  • By Pressure garments

3.b) Reconstructive Surgeries for Post Burn deformities.